It’s Official: I’m Going on an Adventure!

Today I booked a one-way trip to the other side of the world. As I type this, I still can’t believe it.

In the past couple of years I’ve graduated from college and have been working standard 9-5 office jobs. But at the end of the day I’ve been unhappy and my jobs have caused me to feel stressed and claustrophobic in my own life. I’m not sure whether the nature of those jobs were not right for me or if my problem is simply working in an office environment. So that’s why I’ve been saving my pennies, knowing that I want to do something special and exciting at some point down the road, but I didn’t know what exactly to do with it.

The time has come – and I’ve decided to take some time off to go backpacking in Southeast Asia for a couple months! I don’t have much of a plan, but I hope to immerse myself in the culture as much as I can, see the sights, enjoy the beaches, meet fellow travelers, and above all, be happy. I don’t think that’s such a bad thing for a 24 year old to do. A little cliché, maybe, but who cares? At the moment I’m single and still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up, so I’ve decided to take these things in stride and focus on the amount of freedom I have to live my life exactly the way I want to. I’m hoping that a drastic change in scenery and experiences will give me a new perspective as well. If I don’t book a one–way flight to Thailand now, when will I?

Don’t Google Image Search “Thailand” because you might be tempted to quit your job too 🙂

And yes, I am going alone. If you know someone who also wants to quit their job and join me, please let me know! I’ve enjoyed the other times when I’ve traveled alone, but I’ve never done it on this scale. It’s terrifying and exciting but I think it will be an important milestone in my life when I look back on what I accomplished in my twenties in years to come.

To be honest, I don’t know what my plan will be when I’m done traveling and start to run out of the money that I’ve saved the past year and a half. I have some ideas up my sleeve but I want to see where these next few months take me (and get an idea of how long my money will last) before I decide my next step.

Sometimes I reflect on what I’m doing and can’t help but think about how irresponsible I’m being. Maybe it’s because I’m a millennial who doesn’t think about about preparing for the future, but I think everything will be ok and work out in the end. And if I completely screw things up and blow all my money at full moon parties and learning how to scuba dive… well, I guess I will have to deal with that as it comes, although I’d like to think I’m a bit more responsible than that! I’m not sure what I’ll find on this new path I’m taking but I have a good feeling that 2016 will be my year!

I’ve created this blog so that my friends and family can follow this bizarre and uncertain journey I’m starting! I’m not used to sharing my thoughts and experiences quite so openly so I would greatly appreciate your support!

In the meantime I have Thanksgiving and Christmas to look forward to here at home as I start preparing for this adventure. Bring on January 12th!


  1. Barbara Anderson
    December 28, 2015 / 6:58 PM

    Wow good for you! I’m jealous I wish I were in a different place in my life and could join you! Reach for the stars and enjoy what’s out there! I look forward to reading your blog

  2. December 28, 2015 / 9:10 PM

    You are following the voice in your heart Annie. Trust that journey! So happy for you.

  3. Annie
    December 28, 2015 / 11:25 PM

    Thanks so much, Holly! It means a lot to get so much support 🙂

  4. Annie
    December 28, 2015 / 11:28 PM

    Haha, I really could use a travel companion! Thanks for reading, Barbara!

  5. Joyce
    December 28, 2015 / 11:38 PM

    Good for you, Annie! Few are able to embrace a dream like this and make it happen. You go girl!

  6. Brian
    January 6, 2016 / 7:59 PM

    I sure hope you enjoy your journey. I think you are right, now is the time to do this. At this point in your life, you have far less things that will tie you down. As you progress through life, you will accumulate those kinds of things, but….they aren’t bad things, but they are things that tie you down. Now? Not so much.

    I haven’t been to that part of the world, and the closest I’ve come is an old High School friend of mine married someone from that area.

    Speaking of cliche’s, be safe…please. There are a LOT of wonderful things out there, but there are some dangerous things out there too. Keep your head screwed on straight and you’ll be good. Brendan went to South Africa for the past couple of months and his blog updates were priceless. Of course, the phone calls were more priceless, but blogs have pictures.

    I’m looking forward to your updates.

  7. Annie
    January 7, 2016 / 8:03 PM

    Thanks so much for your comments, Brian! It’s great to know that my blog will be appreciated. I will certainly be safe and alert at all times (and I’ll be wearing the St. Christopher medal my parents gave me too!). I’ll have to check out Brendan’s blog – South Africa is very high on my bucket list!

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